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Camara Argentina de Centros de Contacto
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  The Contact Center of VOICENTER operates at the Córdoba Business Tower building in Córdoba city, Argentina. Every architectonic space has been specially designed for the activities VOICENTER carries out and its operating requirements, particularly focusing on offering the best working conditions for its staff. The center's area covers 1000 m2 and the building in which it operates has unique safety measures allowing the Contact Center to work actively even under very extreme situations. Critical services such as Conectivity and Electricity are assured by multiple redundancy schemes and continuous supply.

 The Contact room and its boxes were designed considering the psychological and physiological necessities of the representatives: air conditioning, well- litting windows, acoustic materials, and an ergonomic shape design.


• Ergonomic chairs: The furniture has been specifically designed for the agents' comfort and to secure their proper posture.
• Acustic panels: panels made of absorbing material which lower the sound increasingly.
• Structured wiring for telefony and data
• Security: emmergency exits, alarms, fire extinguishers, and an emmergency service protected area.
• Air conditioning: central conditioning to keep the optimum working temperature.

Humberto Primo 883 2º Piso (esq. Avellaneda) - Córdoba, Argentina - Tel.: 54 - 351- 570 6800/6811